Friday, June 7, 2013

My Facebook Crush and my hope for the future!

I have a confession to make. I have a Facebook crush. I know, I being straight-laced and married and could I let this happen? Well, for starters...the cuteness. Off the charts cute. Can't get enough cute!! Then there is the strength. Even in a questioning or frustrated post there is an underlying strength that is tangible. And I love it. And then...there is the expectation....the teasing...that something even better is going to come? Keeping me wondering what's next! Yup....I got it bad. You may be wondering who it is? Are they local? Celebrity? What? Well......get your mind Facebook crush is on the Davis Family.
Yep....these 3 right here that I have never met in person but I love like they were my own family. They are my reality TV. When CNN does Black in America I wish they would call them. They are my Huck family (you Scandal watchers know what I mean!) And they are my hope in the future.

We do not share the same religion. We live on different sides of the country. And I have never had a live conversation with any of these fabulous three. But I am rooting for them. If they were a series about to be cancelled I would write to the networks and plead for reconsideration!! Kiarah (the beautiful mom) is the daughter of my childhood neighbor. Bryan (handsome husband) is serving our country in the military. And that magnificent little ray of sunshine on his shoulders is their daughter Zuri. Her FB videos are better than anything I have seen on TLC.

Why should you care? Well, for the same reason I do. In a time when websites are completely devoted to "fight videos" and the news is filled with brown folks shooting each other, and even people on my friend list starting a post with "free such and such" these three remind me that while that other narrative may be louder it is not the only song playing. I want to turn up their song! I want people to know that these young adults are moving through this life loving each other, their God, and their family. They are silly and fun. They make being responsible look cool and model what it can be for anyone making an effort. They send love notes to each other.....they read to and love up on their daughter, they move because of his job and make it an adventure. They struggle from time to time. And there are a ton of folks just like them that we hear so little about.

Last week I received an inbox message from Bryan asking me to use my savings techniques and my love of sending positive mail for a few of his friends stationed in Afghanistan. He started the message: Dear Miss Nicole. Now, y'all know he got me with the Miss Nicole. I am working on that now and all the while thinking, goodness is like a boomerang. The more you throw it out into the world, the more of it that will return. I know this young couple is destined for great things and I will continue to tune in...cheering all the way. And that is some real talk!

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