Sunday, February 17, 2013

Channeling Beyonce! Lol

Been pondering all day why people are so mean. Why given the choice between saying nothing and making a snide comment....snide wins. In fact some folks like pages of folks they don't like.....only to trash them. Sigh.

Watching the interview between Oprah and Beyonce ( two of my favorites) last night started this train of thought for me. The venom from some was alarming. Overexposed, idolized, don't give enough( really?) give to the wrong groups, overrated, the list goes on and on. The really sad thing is that this type of "hating" is not reserved for the rich and famous. It is becoming common and it is scary.

It is almost  as if you can improve your own self if you wildly succeed at putting someone else down.  Wow. Well, one reason may be that social media allows us to edit the image of ourselves to some degree. My bestie and I are quick to say, take another pic....want it to look good for FB....true story. And ummm.....we are NOT in high school.....heehee.

Anyhow, I got to thinking if folks were a lil more  real about what's what,  the pressure of perfection would lessen, and maybe the desire to bash others would lessen too! So I decided to channel Beyonce. Here it is.........

Lol. Expecting something else? Red bottom shoes and Nicole Fierce? Ain't gonna happen. Just a lil iPad picture taking and cracking myself up while at the "Harding Salon."  And to make a point......I put myself out here with little regard......haters are gonna hate. I choose  love, and joy, and shine, and sparkle. I think if you give enough of that regularly it is contagious. And even on your roller day, or that late night run to the grocery store, folks will see that first. And the ones who shake their head and    start with the negative comments must be trying really really hard on their failing self improvement plan. And that is Real Talk! 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday morning Pamper Pick me up!!

SO...... a little snow and a whole lotta cold here in Jersey on this Saturday morning....why go out? My coffee was hot and my fleece blanket even hotter but.....a deal was calling my name!
The printed Pamper boxes were on hold for me at my favorie Riteaid for 50% the were part of a promotion where you get $5 back when you buy a course I had a coupon for them as I tossed on my scarf and ran out to grab them. Total paid....$3 and.......$18 back to spend next week. Woop woop! is the funny part....I don't have any babies that wear these so why go out? Well......they are an incredible gift to give (and easy to and a great donation item....and....these two boxes would have been $62 at regular price! Nothing like a steal to pick you up and put a little pep in your step. Now when I get the 50 Shades of Grey baby shower invite....I will wrap these and add them to my Shower Haul! Love it........................back to my blanket!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Love is in the details!

Ahhhhh it's time for Valentine's! Not just your pop out the box and tear on the fold,  but something fun.....something with some POP!
Now would be a good time to mention that my youngest child is 15 and has NO desire for Mom to make any Valentines.......POP or not! God Daughter is 7 and she is game for it and has the enthusiasm to get me cutting and ribbon curling on a Saturday!!

We decided on pencils because her class has the "write" stuff.......of course! and wanted to give some candy too............I mean, pencils are great but 7 year olds want SUGAR!! (this is sooo up my alley!)
Added a DIVA pic and a personal note on each and they were looking HOT HOT HOT! (is it right to say that a classroom Valentine project is HOT? hmmmmmmmmm......I think it's ok)

Now.....these are looking good and ready to go but how does a little Diva get them all the way to class with no mishaps? Hmmmm.............and at no additional cost? And without running out to the store? AND......without having to return home with the carrying device? Grrrrrrr................Banana Republic bag from the pantry to the rescue! Woop Woop!

Simply fold the bag down inside so the cute fluff shows on top and snap out handle holes with the hole punch......use the last bit of left over ribbon and you are rolling! Oh really can't go into class with Banana Republic on it.....yikes. (now I do love the store....hence the bag, but that is messing up my pink and red girly, hearty, flow! Blackout label paper saves the day again! I keep a box really never know when you need to cover something! HA! So here she is ready for transport...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! And love the SHE loves it. And I hope that she will remember these fun "extras" that are my pleasure to share with her. I think LOVE is in the details. With every bow tied I thought to myself...."oh this is cute....she's gonna love taking these to school" and as I packed them up I put a Lil bit of me in that bag.......she won't want me to help make things for her or go places with her forever (I oldest daughter is Valentine Classroom Kits for her either) but it is nothing like being special to someone. To know that on top of all of the love you get from your parents someone else is gonna be there to shake a little sparkle on you too! Thats why I am up on a Saturday night making bows............that is why!

Partying at:

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Save more, give more, LIVE MORE!

This should be subtitled....Saving is Sexy! heehee! Lots of folks ask why I bother to induge in my coupon hobby. Isn't it time consuming, confusing, they wonder? I can't be not me! I wouldn't know what to do, they say. And....for the most part...I get it.

I put the B in Busy. Great job, wonderful team, long commute....I mean...LONG commute, family, MIL....oh yeah....MIL....ha! Very busy! But the truth is a few years ago my husband found himself out of work with the housing crash. Thankfully we really didn't skip a beat. Lil' bending but no breaks. But the one thing that was missing is something I love to do............GIVE! Kinda hard to give when there isn't much wiggle I stumbled into this crazy hobby of mine. And even though that crisis is over in my life (and I hope not to revisit it) couponing has become part of my weekly routine. Last year I saved over $13,000. I was able to give loads away to friends, $3500 to charity and use some $$ from what most folks spend on everyday items for splurge items I would have put off. Even if you dont want to make it into a full time hobby consider a few small changes to your shopping could net a nice little ching!
A few tips:
  • match coupons to weekly sales
  • buy as much as you can of an item you use when the price is right!! (laundry detergent, toothpaste,etc)
  • Use a web page/blog to help match deals and save money (I love
  • Don't stress if you fall off the saving wagon.....stress is well.....stress.. and def not sexy)
Finally, I think it is such a hoot. I do a happy dance when I really score big like in the pic below from Sunday....$122 saved. $4.50 spent $25 toward next week! And....that excitement...well it's sexy. I dont mind the cost of a bottle of wine....or ordering another cocktail while out.....because I know what I saved.....see, sexy! I'm not stockpiling for the end of the world and if my husband wants Tide.....who am I to complain...I mean, he IS doing the laundry. But....always in the back of my mind is the next great "freemoney" in my purse....that little extra PEP in my step. Go ahead.......clip those coupons....I dare ya!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Office art!

Let me just say that I am obsessed with Tagxedo! I was 1st introduced to this site at work as a teambuilder......super fun! Then.....well....obsessed is the right word because next I personalized framed pieces for all of my friends as part of their Christmas bounty! On my desk are the words for a girls's group iron on project I am doing before March but...........this weekend's project was some art for the office!

I added everyone in the family plus some nic names and our street........used the tree shape and because bigger is better.....(esp if the wall is empty!!) I had it blown up to 3ft by 4ft at Staples for $7.50!! SCORE!! Used the remainder insulation board from last weekend's project.............seen here....

And I have the feel of a professionally done wrapped piece. Total for both was $29! Woop woop......picture me doing the running man. LOVE IT! Try it! You will love it too!

Friday, February 1, 2013

The buffet that started a blog!

Here she is... Betty the buffet! Why Betty? Cause she's beautiful! Too cute for FB her soo much thought I'd start a blog and I turned an old buffet on the side of the road to a cherished family member. lol And all the things in between. The mistakes, the triumphs, doing it on the CHEAP, and keeping it real. REAL TALK!! A lil on savings, a lil on decor, and a lot on everyday musings from a working mom of 3 trying to keep it together, keep it right, and ALWAYS.......keep it real! Hope to "see" you here!

More on how Betty became so beautiful later...............for now.....happy dance! My 1st post is complete!