Saturday, February 9, 2013

Love is in the details!

Ahhhhh it's time for Valentine's! Not just your pop out the box and tear on the fold,  but something fun.....something with some POP!
Now would be a good time to mention that my youngest child is 15 and has NO desire for Mom to make any Valentines.......POP or not! God Daughter is 7 and she is game for it and has the enthusiasm to get me cutting and ribbon curling on a Saturday!!

We decided on pencils because her class has the "write" stuff.......of course! and wanted to give some candy too............I mean, pencils are great but 7 year olds want SUGAR!! (this is sooo up my alley!)
Added a DIVA pic and a personal note on each and they were looking HOT HOT HOT! (is it right to say that a classroom Valentine project is HOT? hmmmmmmmmm......I think it's ok)

Now.....these are looking good and ready to go but how does a little Diva get them all the way to class with no mishaps? Hmmmm.............and at no additional cost? And without running out to the store? AND......without having to return home with the carrying device? Grrrrrrr................Banana Republic bag from the pantry to the rescue! Woop Woop!

Simply fold the bag down inside so the cute fluff shows on top and snap out handle holes with the hole punch......use the last bit of left over ribbon and you are rolling! Oh really can't go into class with Banana Republic on it.....yikes. (now I do love the store....hence the bag, but that is messing up my pink and red girly, hearty, flow! Blackout label paper saves the day again! I keep a box really never know when you need to cover something! HA! So here she is ready for transport...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! And love the SHE loves it. And I hope that she will remember these fun "extras" that are my pleasure to share with her. I think LOVE is in the details. With every bow tied I thought to myself...."oh this is cute....she's gonna love taking these to school" and as I packed them up I put a Lil bit of me in that bag.......she won't want me to help make things for her or go places with her forever (I oldest daughter is Valentine Classroom Kits for her either) but it is nothing like being special to someone. To know that on top of all of the love you get from your parents someone else is gonna be there to shake a little sparkle on you too! Thats why I am up on a Saturday night making bows............that is why!

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  1. can I express the love and appreciation we feel for Mrs. Nicole Harding...or as her God children call her... Aunt Cole. These Valentine treats are a small sampling of many unique and completely awesome projects my best friend has put her heart and soul into for my children. All of the kids and myself of course, absolutely love her crafts, but no one gets a kick out of the projects more than my baby girl Sydney! She can't wait until she can take them to school! She said her friends are going to " so love them"! I love just being in the space when Nicole is " in the creative zone". She inspires me to do some ribbon curling of my own, however I enjoy the connection she has with my baby, so keep up the great work Nic...

  2. I will occasionally hear, "ah the Devil is in the details." While that is often true, he quickly loses his domain when love takes up residence there.

    You are building more than memories here, Nicole. The rebar of childhood resilience is forged from the love of adults who take time to invest in the details. Well done, Nicole. Look out, World. Strong Woman under construction.

  3. Lovely! The thing I like best about them is all the thought and love that went into making them...GORGEOUS!

  4. I wish I would have read this post before last night. Last night I was b*tching and complaining while making my daughters valentines. I really had not patients for it. And you know me. I'm crafty. I wish I would have read this and then I would have said to my self...someday she's NOT going to want you to make valentines with her and you will regret not wanting to when she DID.