Saturday, August 3, 2013

Experience is your best Teacher!

Every time my kids do something that raises my eyebrows or that I know is a mistake my husband will always say, "Experience will be their best teacher!" As much as I hate to agree with him, he is right.

I started thinking a lot about this saying and decided to shift some of my own habits. If experience is your best teacher, well......I needed to focus on creating more of them. Now more than ever I realize the importance of spending time and doing things not just having things. This is a difficult task for me, I mean, I still count the number of gifts under the Christmas tree to make sure there is even distribution. Ha! But really, shirts shrink, and flowers fade....but the memories of a great experience last forever!

Imagine my delight when I was given an Appetizing Adventure, Experience Day as a gift from my fantastic work team. It was like the universe talking to me. Oh boy!

You can grab a gift for someone, like yourself here!

So on the rainiest day ever (ok, maybe there have been rainier days but I was not out walking in them) my husband and I drove out to Manayunk, PA, without getting lost, whipped out our umbrellas and met up with 10 other umbrella carrying folks for the tour! This is really saying a lot because rain, tours, strangers.............these are not words that sit well for the big guy. He was giving me the, "you have got to be kidding me!" face. I, on the other hand, was screaming, "Buck up! It's an adventure!" heehee!

making the best of it!!!! lol

We had 6 stops and a total of 2 the POURING rain.....and you know what? It was FAN FRIGGIN TASTIC! You have to choose your attitude. And we choose to fully embrace the experience. 

1st up: Marchiano's Bakery - This was our favorite of the whole tour. You think bakery, you think sweets. Ummmm, nope! They do tomato pies and stuffed bread. Their cheese steak stuffed bread was to die for!
Here is the rest of the line up:
2. Rose's Water Ice
3. Tasty Twisters (Best pretzel ever and the average American eats 4 pounds of pretzels a year....Average Philadelphian? 24 pounds! Who knew!!)
4. Sorrentino's: Cheese-steak! Quality deliciousness!
5. VOLO Coffee House: Espresso!! Delish! Big huge windows, tatted chicks, organic loving families, and newspapers everywhere......this was the best people watcher place! And a nice place to dry up!!
6. Sweet Elizabeth's: Red Velvet Cupcakes: Cute, fresh, but I could have used a bit more sugar in my icing.....I'm just saying!!!

The food was great and my company was even greater! There was an old lady group moving faster than any of us. There was a trio in their 30's soaked to the bone with no protection and no complaints, and then we had the 2 students from LA touring while their Dad was at a dental convention. We walked up hills and under bridges and didn't feel so bad about eating so much because all of the walking cancelled out the calories. For sure.

My favorite part was walking in the rain on the Tow path beside the old canal. It was fascinating.
Huge revitalization going on there now and the focus is on being a neighborhood even though it sits in the middle of a big city. Hearing the history of how the town was named and how the textile industry flourished then floundered, seeing the row-homes that are over 100 years old, knowing that our 1st stop started as a bootleg sandwich shop in the basement of a family's home who lost their Dad and their livelihood but kept their Grand mom's recipes and hearing how the folks care about and for their neighborhood was, well, an experience. And it was my best teacher. Real talk!

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