Thursday, December 26, 2013

5 Tips for a successful holiday gift return

Ok, Christmas is over and Uncle John still thinks Tommy is 7 not 13........the footy pj's are a no go......RETURN! Rather it be the wrong size, style, or color...millions of things are going back! No receipt? Not sure where it came from? don't want to hurt Auntie's feeling by asking so you are gonna chance are a few tips to get you ready to have the best possible outcome and experience at the same time:

1. Return now! Yep, today! I know the lines are crazy...tempers may be flaring....but retail stores are prepped and ready for returns and your best chance of a successful return are the 3-5 days immediately after the holiday.

2. Know the policy! This is easy....if you are reading this you are online the store and visit their site for exact return info. Keep in mind these policies have been in place for a while and you may not like some of these but that should be considered at the time of purchase......not at the time of return.

3. A receipt, gift receipt, box, tag......BRING IT! Something that proves it really came from the store you are returning it to. Returns create a loss for some businesses and it is not good karma to sneak back an item from one place to another. Just saying

4. Yep....that's the price! Shut your mouth and say it ain't so! Those footy pj's were only 4.99 and that's what you will be getting as a credit. I know the tag says 9.99 but they have been 50% off for weeks. Expect to get the lowest price without a receipt and know that the stores didn't just pull a price out of nowhere.......prices have been pre-programmed for weeks now and with a line out the door folks aren't thinking about how to give you a terrible time. The truth is......the gift giver got a deal....or regifted you something from last year. Be prepared for that possibility and really is the thought that counts.

5. Finally and most importantly..........BE NICE!! While in line and in your one on one transaction at the return counter being nice makes a difference. It won't change the policy but it will change the experience. Keep in mind there may be little may need to get a credit and come back when the stock is better. The store may be messy......hundreds of folks rushing through......none of this is the clerk behind the counter's fault. That person is there to make a quick and painless return. If that isn't what's happening calmly ask for a supervisor. The goal is to move the line so that's what they will be trying to do. Loud voices and demands usually end up with an even crummier outcome than where you started and while the clerk should not  respond to meanness, the folks in line behind you just may. So...try to start and finish in a happy place!

Finally.....can't return it? No can regift it to Cousin Jenny next year and let her figure it out!
Be merry...........happy returns!

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