Sunday, September 8, 2013

No Sew Curtain panels for cheap? Sheeeeeet yeah!

With my list of projects growing and the budget shrinking....a girl has to work with what she has!

The guest room has been calling my name and well, it's the guest room so not exactly a priority when it comes to spending cash. I have been planning and pinning and it was time to start doing!

1st up was a new bed. I grabbed a day bed from Craigslist that included a trundle! This was a complete SCORE! With the amount of visitors we have, pulling that pop up trundle out has been a big huge help!
(tip: when the budget is low it is better to buy used than new. $100 would not get me a bed that would last if it got me a new bed at all................perfect condition daybed with trundle that will last for years to come from craigslist...$100)

Now that the bed is in I need some bedding. I want the guest room to be warm and inviting. The problem......all of those little things like curtains, and pillows add $$$$ to the budget that can be off putting. Grrrr.....What's a girl to do?

Fake it! Then, Make it! That's right........purchase the main items and then fake the rest. I say fake because I cannot sew................well, maybe I can but I do not even own a sewing machine! Ha!'s the breakdown!

I picked a yellow, grey and white color scheme. I went with a solid coverlet to give a couch like effect on the day bed. I bought the matching sheet set on a super low sale price knowing I would use the sheets for accessorizing and the cases for.....the pillows! heehee!

OK, curtain panels! One flat sheet, an iron, and hem tape! Woop! That's it! I went for a little ruffle to look less sheet like and I am pretty pleased with the results!
The trick is to use the hem that is already in the sheet as your rod holder! No sewing, quick and easy!

So easy! Finally.....I wanted an extra POP of this subtle print so I got adventurous! If I could do no sew curtains, why not a neck roll cover? And......well, I wanted that cute drawstring trim I had seen on the pricier ones. Ummm, and I don't want to sew. Ha! That's a tall order! Well, I bought the pillow itself for $4.99. That was good. Then I used the middle flat portion of the fitted sheet for the actual tube portion of the case. Then, in a really random, figure it out as I go method.....I used the elastic corner pieces to create the look I wanted! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the finished product! And all done with....................HEM TAPE! Woop!

Still need to paint, grab a rug, and lots of other things but the base is there and I no longer cringe when walking by when the door is open. When you want to add a pop on the cheap....go ahead and grab the scissors, and a sheet, and don't be scared! Waiting on perfect can put a complete stop to progress. Use what you have....real talk! Follow me @realtalknic

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  1. Ok, Nic, I think I'm inspired to do curtains for my bedroom!

    1. I would love to see them! You will be done in less than 1 hour!!

  2. Yepper......of course I need to paint and do a million more things!! lol

  3. I love it!! Have table cloths for my bedroom I plan to do the same thing with!!