Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall chop! 5 min, no mess trick to take down your grass fast!

I love me some grass! All kinds, colors, and shapes. Heehee. Decorative grasses. Come on now! The only I don't like is the messy take down and hard core splitting they require to keep them looking great.

The splitting I will get to in the spring (come back here for a visit) and even though it's tough I love that I can double the amount of grasses I have with this chore. The fall chop however seems like a no brainer but the cleanup is a mess!!! Enter my omg, why didn't I think of this sooner, where the hell have you been all of my life trick!
Oh yeah.....5 minutes! What is the trick? PACKING TAPE! Now I know there are tons of posts on duck tape but packing tale works wonder and the debris is easy to move and discard. I did all of these by myself with no partner. ( um.......some big guy I know does not like bugs........seriously!) 
In addition to these fence blockers (these really break up the fence nicely) I have 5 mega monsters ( these just make you go , wow, what was I thinking when I planted that) and a wall of 8 behind the pool. That's a lot of grass!!! ( heehee....... I crack myself up with the grass references! ) Anyhoo.....having the debris all over the yard makes for a terrible ordeal. With the packing just tape 'em, cut 'em, and carry 'em! That's it! Can I get a woohoo? Oh yeah! 
I did the whole yard in about an hour. Easy, breezy, cover girl! 
1. Dip low under the grass canopy with the tape pulled and ready
2. Wrap tightly just above where you want to cut
3. Repeat in the middle and the top ( don't cheat this step as they can fly open and.....well, then you have a mess. Don't ask me how I know this.........)
4.use electric hedger and chop their heads off.....well, you know what I mean
5. I placed in township approved bags for recycle pick up
6. Sit on deck and admire your handy work. Practice smug looks for when the boys come out and say...."wow" you did that! 

Oh yeah.......try it! I always do this in the fact, Halloween is my mental cut off date so if you haven't done something with your's the time to make it happen! Real talk! 

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