Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy 1 year Blogiversary to me!!

Wow! It's been one year! Here's what went down:

  • Cut the word BLOGGER out of a magazine and placed it on my vision board as part of an assignment from work (those vision boards really do work)
  • Co-workers egged me on and read my posts and helped me more that they should have.....
  • Took my chalk painting to the next level and encouraged others to DIY
  • Got a whole lot a folks saving...because, well, saving is sexy! :-)
  • Talked about some touchy things and kept it respectful. Sharing information brings us closer, solves problems, reminds us all of how much more we are alike...than different
  • Pinndidit! (actually did some of those niftly things you see on Pinterest
  • Got picked up by a national Blog and published many times on the Chicago Tribune's online site
  • SIXBROWNCHICKS correspondent (hello......weren't they on Oprah's network? :-)
  • 8,000 plus visits! (this makes me smile) 
The list goes on and on and more than anything.....for an oversharing chatterbox like myself, it's been FUN! 

So rather you liked, shared, tweeted, pinned, rolled your eyes, chuckled out loud, or commented I want to say thank you!!!! In an era of perfection and social media highlighting only the most glossy side of things I love that the real talk here has been....well.....real. And for whatever is resonating! And I am thrilled!! (picture me here doing the running man....cue music, Puffy...We won't stop!) heehee!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Lots of projects planned and topics tingling for 2014!  Keep stopping by!

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