Sunday, February 17, 2013

Channeling Beyonce! Lol

Been pondering all day why people are so mean. Why given the choice between saying nothing and making a snide comment....snide wins. In fact some folks like pages of folks they don't like.....only to trash them. Sigh.

Watching the interview between Oprah and Beyonce ( two of my favorites) last night started this train of thought for me. The venom from some was alarming. Overexposed, idolized, don't give enough( really?) give to the wrong groups, overrated, the list goes on and on. The really sad thing is that this type of "hating" is not reserved for the rich and famous. It is becoming common and it is scary.

It is almost  as if you can improve your own self if you wildly succeed at putting someone else down.  Wow. Well, one reason may be that social media allows us to edit the image of ourselves to some degree. My bestie and I are quick to say, take another pic....want it to look good for FB....true story. And ummm.....we are NOT in high school.....heehee.

Anyhow, I got to thinking if folks were a lil more  real about what's what,  the pressure of perfection would lessen, and maybe the desire to bash others would lessen too! So I decided to channel Beyonce. Here it is.........

Lol. Expecting something else? Red bottom shoes and Nicole Fierce? Ain't gonna happen. Just a lil iPad picture taking and cracking myself up while at the "Harding Salon."  And to make a point......I put myself out here with little regard......haters are gonna hate. I choose  love, and joy, and shine, and sparkle. I think if you give enough of that regularly it is contagious. And even on your roller day, or that late night run to the grocery store, folks will see that first. And the ones who shake their head and    start with the negative comments must be trying really really hard on their failing self improvement plan. And that is Real Talk! 


  1. I love your blog...and one of the reasons I have not commented is because I am a one trick pony...political wonk, and I don't want to go there here....but tonight I must deserve a lot of kudo's! Your thoughts and comments regarding snarky people is right on...but... you really put yourself out there. I loved the ipad comment. You are truly special, but I always knew that. Thanks for keeping it real. you.

  2. You are an inspiration because you keep it real! If only more people out there could change their mindset and be less quick with the negative...think before they speak...and let another person be who they're gonna be without passing judgement...

    ...feel the are so right on - it IS contagious!