Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Save more, give more, LIVE MORE!

This should be subtitled....Saving is Sexy! heehee! Lots of folks ask why I bother to induge in my coupon hobby. Isn't it time consuming, confusing, they wonder? I can't be not me! I wouldn't know what to do, they say. And....for the most part...I get it.

I put the B in Busy. Great job, wonderful team, long commute....I mean...LONG commute, family, MIL....oh yeah....MIL....ha! Very busy! But the truth is a few years ago my husband found himself out of work with the housing crash. Thankfully we really didn't skip a beat. Lil' bending but no breaks. But the one thing that was missing is something I love to do............GIVE! Kinda hard to give when there isn't much wiggle I stumbled into this crazy hobby of mine. And even though that crisis is over in my life (and I hope not to revisit it) couponing has become part of my weekly routine. Last year I saved over $13,000. I was able to give loads away to friends, $3500 to charity and use some $$ from what most folks spend on everyday items for splurge items I would have put off. Even if you dont want to make it into a full time hobby consider a few small changes to your shopping could net a nice little ching!
A few tips:
  • match coupons to weekly sales
  • buy as much as you can of an item you use when the price is right!! (laundry detergent, toothpaste,etc)
  • Use a web page/blog to help match deals and save money (I love
  • Don't stress if you fall off the saving wagon.....stress is well.....stress.. and def not sexy)
Finally, I think it is such a hoot. I do a happy dance when I really score big like in the pic below from Sunday....$122 saved. $4.50 spent $25 toward next week! And....that excitement...well it's sexy. I dont mind the cost of a bottle of wine....or ordering another cocktail while out.....because I know what I saved.....see, sexy! I'm not stockpiling for the end of the world and if my husband wants Tide.....who am I to complain...I mean, he IS doing the laundry. But....always in the back of my mind is the next great "freemoney" in my purse....that little extra PEP in my step. Go ahead.......clip those coupons....I dare ya!

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  1. Get out. I still don't get it!!! How is it even possible! You have a gift.