Monday, March 4, 2013

Just call me Shaniqua Stewart, cause Martha would know better

Came home after celebrating 20 years married to 2 additional teens in addition to the one belonging to me. Was thinking cereal and milk was gonna have to do but the guilt of being out stopped me in my tracks. Hmmmm, what to do? Pickings were slim and the boys were still sleeping so I got busy! I remember having this delicious french toast casserole at my boss's for a team brunch. So, I started with this pitiful "seen better days" bread.
Now, I know....who still eats white bread.....and.....Martha would just scold, scold, scold. But....who really has multiple varieties of fresh baked french loaves sitting around.....grrrrr. The original recipe calls for prepping this overnight. Huh, in the words of Sweet Brown, Aint Nobody got time for that!!
(  haven't seen Sweet Brown and want to partake in a bit of funny foolishness click the linky..... Ok...OK...stop shaking your head and continue...

I had 1/2 I added 6 eggs a bit of milk, lots of cinnamon, the last bit of a stick of butter, and brown sugar. Poured it all over the bread and stuck it in the oven! Smells good! While it was baking I was feeling a little "Springy" and started daydreaming 'bout my roses. It's March.......almost time!! So I took my egg shells and threw them in the empty coffee container. (egg shells and coffee grounds are the magic trick to strong healthy roses......on this I am sure Martha approves) Used a really professional crushing method....the end of a spoon.....and threw the sealed jar under the sink until the last frost is gone. Whew....that was fun!
And after 20 minutes and 20 turkey sausages cooked, it was time to gather at the table for a family breakfast. Yeah, ummm, what really happened was I put out the plates and screamed "BOYS" at the top of my lungs, grabbed my English Garden and Veranda magazines and ran for cover! heehee. Here's the finished product.....Martha may not approve but the boys sure did! Go 'head......try it out! :-)


  1. This is my kind of meal, you know why? You took what you had and YOU PUT SOMETHING TOGETHER THAT BROUGHT PEOPLE TOGETHER. I love it! It's not always about fancy ingredients and spending hours over the's about that quality time you create for family and friends :-)

  2. And props to you for re-using the egg shells for the garden!

  3. You are too cute. Keeping it REAL.

  4. I LOVE that casserole from the boss, and am so impressed you recreated recipe-free!!! I would not dare attempt. And....your roses are certainly spoiled ;-) In my world.....gardening....'ain't nobody got time for that!' but I am happy you love it!!!