Sunday, March 10, 2013

Killed it at Kohl's!! Betty the buffet gets styled!!'s Spring forward and sunny and well.....when it's sunny I spend money! A lil bit at least. You should know that anything over $20 for me is considered a major purchase! Plus, since Betty the Buffet was free it's kinda hard to drop big coin on a freebie. So....I pinned and I pined and I looked and I wished.......finally today...I shopped!! Here is a lil of my inspiration....

Threshold™ Medium Metallic Glass Lamp Base (Includes CFL Bulb) Quick Information
This one is from target....ummm $49.99 for the base. Can I get a shade with that?

Of course, Pottery Barn has sent me the Easter, Outdoor, and the "I know you want to, go ahead and do it" catalogs in the last few weeks. This is theirs.....

Clift Glass Table Lamp Base - ClearNow, here you are talking $170 for the base and $54 for the shade. I scoured the catalog pages for CRACK cause someone must be smoking it for this kinda price. Ahhhhh, but.....look how nice they look. Grrrrr. Let me remind you....Betty the buffet was FREE! Ok, focus! Betty is bare and I need to put some Spring into things. So.....I was content to just keep looking and wishing as I popped into Kohls. Killer sale going on and Kohl's cash. (ok, so I know I am actually spending $50 to get that $10...and the $10 is bringing me back but I just love FREE money.....just don't think too hard about it!! LOL
5 washclothes for $2.50....yup. Sounds good. In the cart they go. 2 little onesies for babies that will be here soon? Yup. Throw them in. Walk down the dark back aisle just to see what might be marked down...why not. SCORE! I swear a bell should have started going off......I saw the tag.....spotted 2 after a little moving crap onto the floor and standing on the "for sale" ottoman to get to the top shelf..... and then to the price checker.....oh yeah. 60% off is not enough! Original:$124. My price: $38.....woop woop! and I had a credit from Christmas and I got the Kohl's cash.................I flew outta there with them double bagged like I stole sumthang!! they are!!!
OK, OK......I like it. But it needs a little something. Time to run around the house and see what I have. Here is how she ended up for the night......

Total for the lamps with tax: $80 Minus my $40 credit....$40!!! Plus $10 to spend next week!! Shell: Free.....bought home from vacation. Books: From my library....mostly Garden focused. Doing the happy dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I am love! Kohl's killed it! Now....I need to POP with some color. Let me just hope I can muster up the nerve to spend some more cashola before we have to set our clocks again! Would love to hear what you think? Go ahead....let me know!


  1. GORGEOUSNESS!!! What a great look...and a great find! You show and prove that you can have the look for less.

  2. the lamps are awesome, and kohl's gets me every time with those incentives to SHOP!

    stop by when you have a moment for eye candy and lovely, we'd love to have you.

    smiles and peace to you.