Friday, March 8, 2013

Sally the Sassy Sidepiece (cheapy chalkpaint recipe included)

I call her Sally.....because she is just so darn sassy! She makes me smile.....she doesn't take herself too seriously. She is old.....with some kinks.....but young at heart. (hmmmmm, sounds like me) 

It all started with my husband moving my foyer table from the foyer to the library. Now, I am not gonna lie. I was OFFENDED! I loved my Targee Pottery Barn knock off. does have a busted leg and one false move and it could all be O.V.E.R! So what to do what to do? Started looking and realized that it could be a whole lot of change for a little bit of change! oy!

When in doubt...or in debt....CRAIGSLIST to the rescue. Here she is when I first met her......

Oh can't see it huh? Lots of problems with her, right? Yep! LOTS! at 1st sight!
She had a little veneer situation. Ummmm, yeah, that was bad. But nothing my $5 iron from Riteaid couldn't handle. lol So....cleaned her up. Took the veneer off with iron, towels, and LOTS of patience. Filled her holes with a little putty. And she was ready for me to try my craziest experiment......Cheapy Chalkpaint!


So I had been following the chalk/milk paint craze and the results look amazing. But what if I hated it? Was terrible at it? Yikes....$100 bucks in supplies later I would have been HOT! And I don't mean good looking. There are tons of sites doing wonderful things with the name brands but in addition to the price.....the color selection is my own thang! BE AWARE....when you make ready to paint within two days or make small batches. It doesn't last well past that. is the recipe....1 cup paint....1 cup plaster of paris (bought mine with a good ole 40% off coupon at Michael's) Whisk it around and around and around until there are NO lumps......then you are ready to go! is the Crazy part of the experiment.................NO PRIMING. That's right...come on....get off the read it correctly..NO PRIMING! This paint went on like a dream! Woop woop! I did 2 coats.........let her dry.... And then I smacked 2 coats of glossy poly on her! LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!

So......ask yourself what are you waiting for? Is there something you are about to throw away because you don't like it anymore? Something pricey you have had your eye on but have other priorities? Use this spring season to purge and plan! Look at thrift stores, craigslist, heck...your own basement and attic! Cheapy Chalkpaint is the way to go! I would love to see some of your projects here. Please share. And every time I walk by Sally I think.....this is what $35 can get ya! What? Yeppers!!!!!!!!!!!!! Real talk!!!!


  1. Can't wait to try the paint recipe and Sally is beautiful!! Nothing a little vision and patience can't fix right???

  2. Wow...I am amazed at the before and after pics. She looks nothing like the original! What an improvement. I really want to try the milk paint.