Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Best "Nest"ern!!

Fly on over.....I'll leave the light on for ya! My obsession with the backyard bird house, feeder, watching continues! I have converted the FlyThru to the Best "Nest"ern! That's right. I have a full on birdfeeder next to this tree so my feathered friends can still do a "FlyThru" ........more like a "Dive-in" really, get it. They are not hungry. But...what about nest supplies? Where do you go if you are a suburban bird trying to find affordable housing? My soffits are NOT available. So.........enter some ribbon and string and yarn! Woopwoop!
The Best NEST-ern and the elusive RedHeaded woodpecker doing a check in.

 Why do I delight in this lil hobby? Well...Because is captures all the things I love in the small square of my windowpane!

It's free!! Pretty much. I buy a huge bag of food every 2 months or so.......but it's usually on sale and never more than $11 bucks! For hours of entertainment? Yepper!
It's beautiful!! The colors..........omg! The colors are spectacular. Take a peek.......

It's exciting!! Have you ever seen two Bluejays go at it? Mmmm,mmmm, mmmm! Better than Floyd Mayweather on HBO and waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy cheaper! And no trash talking.........but a whole lot of squawkin! Heehee!
I used to think "bird watching" was for older folks.......or for boring people.....crazy right? I had no clue!  Funny enough, right after I popped in my 1st feeder, I was on Walnut Street in Philadelphia when 3 little old black ladies stopped my husband and I. Totally random. They gave us a flyer that was for the bird society. I cannot even make this up. They told us real quick all of the joy they had found in the birdies and how they were very "high" up in their bird society. It was sooo funny because my husband looked at me like it was a total set up. They looooooved him...and he was smitten with them. He held on to that flyer and talked of how cute they were all night. Don't say anything but.....I have caught him a few times paused in front of the office window.....checking out the activity in the tree. Those ladies would be proud! heehee
So, get at it. Find a spot. Pop up a $5 feeder. See what comes your way. And when your day is even slightly gloomy.....seeing one of these beautiful creatures is sure to give it a lil brightness. And that is some real talk! Chirp chirp!


  1. So awesome!!! Look at all of these unique, beautiful's amazing that just some ribbon and string could bring these kinds of birds right into your backyard!!! What a great view!!!

  2. P.S. I love the Best 'Nestern name!!!!