Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Note from solution for sadness

I am a cheerful person. I have been described as unrealistically cheerful. I don't do sadness. I mean......I grieve, I get angry, but I don't have dark periods or embrace grey skies. I am a cheerful person.
Here comes the but........but....the last few days have been tough. I feel that I have suffered a personal failure even though I know I gave my all. Knowing that my cheerfulness has actually motivated someone to hurt me, made me sad. And the more I think about it.......the sadder I became. So, I needed a remedy. How can I shake it............ I need a quick pick me up!

The remedy of sadness is joy. So.......I decided to spread a lil of it!! I call it " a note from Nic"

Nothing fancy. Just a quick note. Embellished envelope. A small surprise inside. And a quick walk to my mailbox to pop it in! Done!

Let me tell you what happened.........just thinking about who to send the note to made me smile. Addressing the envelope with a swirl and a different color marker took my mind off the real hurt I was feeling. Thinking about how tickled the person will be getting a random, for no reason, note that says, " I love you......was thinking of you.......have a great day" made me joyful. And.....guess what......hard to focus on sadness when you are all smiling and tickled filled with joy.

So....I plan on doing it often. I may even share it here. You could do it too. When is the last time you sent a note ( the kind that has a stamp) for no reason? Send a little it forward. 

I know that there is a reason for my sadness and that I have suffered a hurt.......but changing the core of happy disposition .....would give power to this gloomy feeling.....I would much rather shower it with a little joy. Instead of waiting for my day to be made.....maybe I can make someone else's day and in the process lift my own spirits. Try's working for me.....a little. Real talk. 


  1. Nic,
    Such an elegant solution. My best friends and roommate from college still sends me cards for Easter, Valentines, Halloween, all those special days that are not Christmas. I love each one--and then say, darn, I forgot that tomorrow was [mother's day, whatever]. Somehow those days sneak up. But getting a card "just because" that might even be better. I can see how the job spreads from you outward. Elegant.

    1. Kris, I have a former coworker that sends these too! It is such a nice surprise and can really change your mood! more joy...less bills in the mailbox. lol

  2. I feel like a wave of calm joy just washed over me just from reading this...with email and everything online these days, handwritten notes have become so few and far between, but I am inspired by you now to bring them back...especially because of the affect they can have on someone else and our own self...we can lift our spirits by doing something good to lift others' spirits...I am saying "yes" in my head that even when we are faced with a hurtful or sad situation, we can still find joy in ourselves and others...thank you for sharing and inspiring.

  3. Whoa Nicole! I cannot express enough how this has touched me, especially since I have been going through a patch of sadness myself these days. You have inspired me to reevaluate certain things. Also, I did not realize when you told me about the "cake slices" that this is what you intended to do with them. Wow. I will work on them with extra love and joy for you!!! Thank you. <3

  4. You (as always) are such an inspiration in how you approach everything in life. I so admire you and your authenticity. I want to be like you when I grow up :-) And anyone who doesn't see your giant heart and doesn't want you in their life is a complete fool...just sayin'