Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sibling revelry!

These two.......where to start? Well if you follow along you know that in one month we will be celebrating the completion of my daughter's schooling and her going off 10 hours away from me to do surgery. (still trying to digest the 10 hour thing)

And it fills me up with pride and it's hard to talk of anything else but the energy that makes me want to explode from joy is little to do with her being a doctor and everything to do with where it all started.

Here they are..........8 and 5. Just looking at this picture causes my eyes to overflow. It is like rubbing a scar.....a reminder of pain and hurt but a talisman that you survived and are still here! At the time of this photo we had been staying at the National Institute of Heath in Bethesda Maryland for 2 weeks. We had just spent 4 months at the Children's hospital of Philadelphia and would not come home for 2 more months. did the math right....6 months hospitalized. Not one day home for my sweet boy. For her it was different. Shuffling around while her parents figured this illness thing out. Worrying about her brother. And on one of these visits vowing to become a Doctor to help figure things out. Seriously.....I can't make this up.

Over the next 20 years we would visit the hospital like folks visit relatives. Greeting doctors and nurses like family members you are happy to see but would rather be somewhere else. She kept studying and he kept trying to stay good. As his visits to the National Institute of Health continue to this day......things were brought full circle with her being awarded a grant from them for the research that would later connect to her PhD.

I used to know everything about them......ha. Now I know they tell each other far more than they share with me. And that is why I am sooo happy and proud. My goal wasn't to raise a child for a certain profession. My goal has always been to raise good people. Contributing adults. Siblings that will love each other as I have loved them. I often hear the question...."Am I my brother's keeper?" Look at these two and you better know it. And as a mother it gives me day they may not have me......but they will have each other. Real talk people.......real talk!

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