Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mad for Monogram

I have a confession to make.......I am a gift wrap snob. I know, it's wrong. But what can I tell you. Some people have loads of, I have a gift wrap stockpile. And, ummmm.....I have been know to wrinkle my nose at generic store wrap. I mean, you have to make your packaging POP! heehee. So, imagine my anxiety when I read the most beautiful shower invite that clearly states "please bring packages unwrapped" Oh my. What is a girl to do? Shakes, hives, sweats. I gotta think. Eureka! Shrink wrap it is!

But 1st.....what to get? I checked the registry and saw lots of kitchen items. Sturdy, practical, and a great gift for a gal that loves to cook. Hmmmmm, these will not be cute unwrapped. And, well, cute matters! (Start thinking of how cute the invite was and know I need to step my game up!) So I need a receptacle to put it in! Wine bucket it it! But....I wouldn't exactly call it worries. EVERYTHING, and I mean everything is better personalized! Woop woop! Ahhh, but personalization can be pricey! Hmmmm.....not when you do it yourself! Woop! Enter.....printable cling! (you ain't got that thing....if you ain't got a cling! Do wop do wop do wop) So, printed a cute and easy monogram for the soon to be newlyweds on window cling right through my printer. Cut and place! Luv it! And.....if it doesn't work for the bride.....pull it off and be gone! Woop!

Ok, ok, so now that is out of the way I need piece that pops! Now, I know I got the items from the registry's hard to make a cheese grater pop. Trust me. Soooooo, let's go with a nice Monogrammed Printed Burlap piece framed up! Now I am grooving!!

How do you print on burlap? Easy breezy covergirl! You iron it on to freezer paper first. Stop. I can't take it! So cute. Trust me when I tell you everyone I know from now on getting married will have this as part of their gift. It is adorable! Ok, ok! With 2 monogrammed pieces I am feeling a theme come over me so.......apron with an iron on crest and baby. we. are. in. there! What? You know it!! Used the apron to hold the items purchased from the registry, added some champagne (I mean., the base is an ice bucket) and then I went to town with my blow dryer and shrink wrap! LOVE! THIS! And.....guess is not really wrapped. (well, it is, but it is see through) So, I think I didn't really break the rules. What fun. By now some may be rolling their eyes....that is too involves. Can't be bothered. Don't get me wrong, I get it. Buying from the registry makes things nice and easy and you know the recipient will be happy because they picked the item...............but, the love is in the details! Go ahead, get a theme. Add a little extra ribbon (don't you hate trying to make a shower hat and no one had good ribbon on the gift? Hello! Priorities people) lol. Whatever giving gesture you do think of the person and the occasion and have some fun! Soo much going on and everyone is soo busy it seems like we get through all of our events like a checklist. Party? Check. Ok, out by 3 for a Christening. OK. Check. Next day...dinner with sibling. Check. geez.....slow down . Put some pop in get opened and put away and used and life goes on....but those extra details will hopefully go a long way in creating a special memory! Real talk. the future Mrs. Hersh, congratulations! I hope you guys have your happily ever after and then some!!


  1. This is amazing! Talk about makin' it pop! Wow, not only are the gifts appreciated, but the time and effort put into making them and the presentation means so much. The monogrammed wine bucket and framed burlap...unbelievable!!! And all of the utensils I need to make some lovely meals. From the future Mr. & Mrs. Hersh, thank you for a wonderful (and wonderful looking) gift!!!!

  2. You rock the pop and the thoughtfulness! I love how you took your theme to a creative level extraordinaire!

  3. I too am mad for monograms!! These are great ideas! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof