Friday, May 3, 2013

Notes FOR Nic

You may remember I did a short post on my simple cure for sadness....sending notes! Since that post I have sent many.....near and far, and while it is a gesture toward someone really is for me. I just LOVE it. And I suspect some folks may think it is a bit weird Sweet Brown would say..."Ain't nobody got time for that!!" So imagine my surprise and delight when I received a package in the mail yesterday......

Ummmmm hmmmmmm. Fed ex. What? Yup! And....who could it be from? Someone who read this? A close friend or family member? NOPE!! This cute card and box with two little Black Angels (I collect these) came to my door from someone I worked with......wait for it......10 years ago!!!!!!!!!!! And haven't talked to since then!! OMG!!

And you know what? You would have thought I hit the lottery!! My boys wanted to know..."who is it from?" Earlier in the day we had a neighbor stop by out of the clear blue and say..."Do you have any tea? I'll have a cup." So what did I do? I fired up the kettle! My son looked at me like....ummmmm, is this normal? Did you know she was coming? Nope. But she wants some tea. She is an elderly neighbor that walks her dog around the block and has the most colorful tulips in her front pots. That alone warrants a spot of tea...don't you think? So we sat around and laughed and joked and when the tea was gone she said, "Thanks! That was very nice." And my son spent the rest of the day scratching his head in puzzlement. But he went along with it....and laughed appropriately when she asked if he thought she was too old to get a man. And he learned that a few minutes of your time still means something to some people. So when this package came (another random surprise) his expression was priceless. AND I LOVE IT!!

So I wanted to share that even though my thing is "a note from Nic" I actually got a note FOR Nic and I couldn't be happier. It confirms something I know to be true....people want to know that you see them! That you have thought of them in some small way and those thoughts were good ones. If you are waiting on the perfect time, or the right amount of money, or when the timing is right I want to encourage you to do SOMETHING now, What you can....with what you have! It matters.......and so do you! Real talk!

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