Sunday, June 30, 2013

$7 sizzler! Hot meals from Hot deals!

Here we go! Summer is here and the inn is full to capacity! That's right! All rooms are full, trundle is out and the couches are loaded up! With all this activity I have more mouths to feed and I want to make it good but y'all know it has to cheap.

This is one big problem with couponing......a lot of the items with matching coupons are processed, boxed, bagged and seldom fresh. Never fear! You can still save big and stretch your budget by thinking through your menu and really stocking your pantry!

Marinades, condiments, and basic starches are a pantry must and most of these items I am able to stock up on throughout the year for pennies if I pay anything at all. The rest I leave to the weekly sales and what's in season. Here was tonight's  $7 sizzler:
Hawaiian Chicken! Aloha!
This is so easy and has a million varieties and can also be used for fajitas, etc. The thing for big crowds of growing boys is rice, pasta, know....plate fillers! Heehee!

I served this with rice and home brewed ice tea......I fed 6 boys with a lil leftover for whoever is the 1st to do a late night microwave run for seven bucks! WOOHOO! dollars! Shut yo mouth. (Actually, open your mouth and eat up!)

Here is what I started with:

Grocery list:
3 lbs chicken @$1.99 a pound and $2 off coupon = $4
Green pepper and onion: $1.50
Fresh Pineapple $1.49 (she was tiny)

Soy sauce, brown sugar, 2 bags boil in a bag rice, and garlic are what I call gimmes.......they were in the pantry and they were free for me from previous deals. I love having a gimme when all I hear all day is Gimme Gimme!!

I had seen a few recipes on pinterest but the reviews were not promising so I just browned the chicken in a lil olive oil.....removed. Loaded skillet with sliced peppers and onions and while those were sizzling I cored and diced the pineapple. Mixed  a 1/4 cup of brown sugar with a 1/4 cup soy sauce and added that and the meat back to the pan! What? yep! hmmmmmm. mmmmm. good! Fresh products, happy boys, and while the meal was on fire my pocketbook was not!

Every trip to the market doesn't end with people applauding from all the money I saved with coupons.....sometimes I don't even have 1 coupon in hand ('s true) but for most folks food is a number 2 or 3 top expense for the family. So, I have to pay attention and maximize that budget. Saving is sexy! Try this recipe out....and don't forget to save! Sizzle sizzle!

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