Friday, August 16, 2013

C2C! Countdown to College

Oh's here! How could it be? That little baby you were just reading Goodnight Moon to is packing up and moving on to college and you are..........................FREAKING OUT! other way to put it! It's freak out and melt down time time...... But it's ok. You are not alone! Before you go too far over the edge, congratulate yourself on a job well done! You got them here. A few all nighters (more than a few? a few scrapes, hurt, got them here! And, you have figured out a way to pay for it! (still figuring? That's ok to0!) And now it is settling in.....they are really leaving! WOW!

With all of the hustle and bustle of packing and paperwork and double checking everything here is a list of a few fun and often forgotten things to drinking does not appear.....but then again, neither does breathing! Both are expected and necessary! Here ya go!!

1. Save a few bucks for giftcards for those places you see around campus that might be saving graces....Starbucks (free wi-fi) Dunkin Donuts...that Caramel Iced is good for study, etc! Send these to your student when you feel the need to me they will appreciate this more!

2. Submit the college, awards, scholarship info to your local paper. These are usually free and are great treat to send in the mail to your student! Awwww, proud parent!!

3. Rural or city campus require transportation! Gas card or bus pass? Whatever it is figure out how to get these and send to your student from time to time! Getting there is half the battle!!

4. Pop some money in their pockets! Pants pockets that is! Sneak into the suitcase and pop in a few singles to surprise the brainiac............that lil bonus may be just the trick to brighten their day!!

5. Go ahead.....mark your calendar.....every 30 days or so (at least through Valentine's Day) pop a care pack in the mail. Corny yes.........but snacks go a long way in getting info from dormmates....if it ever comes to that! Wink wink!!

6.Write a letter. Yep..... a letter. In the car, driving home....tissues out! Translate those feelings into words! Write a letter.....letting them know what this time means to the letter to your student at graduation!

7. Instagram, Twitpic,'s all good but after a long night and a little homesickness, looking at your smartphone just isn't cutting it! But a framed pic on the nightstand can soothe the soul. Go ahead! Frame it!

8. Rather it's your child, a family member, or a student you mentor....everybody needs a one time gimme. A no questions asked help. Write it on a card and put it with their things. Drinking, bad dates, bad dudes, and mean gals.....whatever the me. I got you. Write it. Give it. And mean it!! No hassle!

9. A roll of quarters please. And.....a crash course on whites and coloreds......clothes people! Clothes!

10. Finally, you've done it all and made the drop. The dynamic in the house has changed and you are sure you have forgotten reach for the phone....just a quick dial......A FRIEND! Not your child! NOT YET! Let them settle. Let them learn. Warn your friend in advance so they can talk you off the ledge. Remember the wine and the fine job you have done in preparing them..........and know that  this is a great problem to have: Loving your child so much that it's hard to let go. But because of that will do it and they will show you...they are ready! Real talk! Follow me @realtalknic

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