Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back to school basics! The 5 minute Bookcover

I don't know how it happened but......almost everyone I know is paper and scissor impaired. While I don't like admitting it, watching them do basic tasks causes extreme anxiety for me. LOL  Wrapping gifts? Oh no! I may start to twitch! Cutting items for school projects......Call Aunt Nicole for that! Heehee! Even my own offspring shock me with a lack of superior cutting skills! Must be a genetic defect!

Alas, while I do view cutting and wrapping as "must know" skills for being properly raised...HA! Your children should not have to suffer with jacked up book coverings because you lack skills! See below for quick (less than 5 minutes per book!) and cheap (can use brown bag from grocery!) fail proof method to cover books every single time! Now that deserves a double woop. WOOP! WOOP!
5 Minute Book Cover Instructions
1. I used solid craft paper rolls (red Christmas Wrap from January after Christmas Sale)
   Pull off enough paper to cover book. Double the height and double the width with the book open
2. Using the book as your ruler crease the paper at the top and bottom the exact size of the book and fold            
    on the creases
3. Open book and with book in the middle of paper crease at the edge of book, the fold at the creases
4. Gently slide front and back book covers into the folded slots
5. Tape inside flap to outside flap. Notice, tape never touches book, keeping the book in new condition
6. Inside flap can be used as folder and front can be decorated with stickers, markers, etc!

Now go ahead and get that extra credit by having your kids be the 1st in class with their books covered. Filling those parent forms out? Haven't figured a way out of that yet! Real talk. Follow me @realtalknic

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  1. Oh, Nicole, does this bring back memories of my childhood! I always loved covering my books at the beginning of the school year. And yes, I always used grocery bags because that is what we had. Also let me color and write on the outside however I wanted. Didn't know people still did this.