Sunday, October 20, 2013

SEASON FOR SAVING! 4 ways to save while shopping!!

Can you believe it's just 2 months until Christmas? I know, I know, many of you are in full blown Halloween mode. I get it. Don't rush. This time for me is all about prep and planning for my favorite day of the year! Christmas eve! Gift giving and entertaining make the season super festive but also super expensive. As I gear up with freebies and discounts on things people are shocked by I am often do you have time to do are a few of my favorites and tips to make using them fun and easy! Remember.....the way to eat an elephant is one little bite at a time! LOL (who eats elephants anyway?) Same thing with holiday prep....a lil at a time is better to keep the spirits bright and the pockets not so light! Let's go!

1st up is my all time favorite!! EBATES!!! This is a must for ANYONE that shops online! You can sign up here or by clicking the ebates button on the right!
Sign up for Ebates now!!

The 1st thing you will see is your bonus. It may look like the pic below! SWEET! Who doesn't love a bonus!!

Next up is a list of stores and how much they will give you back on your purchase. The great thing about ebates is that even though you start at their takes you to the store of your choice and all the sales and coupons they may have!! I love ebates for things that never go on sale. ex. Apple products....IPADs, etc. Also for big purchases that I have to make no matter what. (ex. washer and dryer. Go to ebates, enter Sears, make your purchase....SCORE) It is also great for college students.....those text books can be soo pricey. Love to get a little back! get it. Sign up now and then.....another favorite shopping day for me is Cyber Monday! Add Ebates to your process and you just added icing to a great sales day!!

Next up....SWAGBUCKS. This is a cool search engine and it allows you to earn giftcards, etc for doing regular things on the Internet. I like it because the giftcards I earn all year end up being some kick butt stocking stuffers.....and all for FREE! Heeeeey! Loving that!! Easy breezy!

Now, since I have a reputation for hummmm, cheap...well frugal....I have to come with some impressive items. Just because I want the price to be low.....I don't want to skimp on quality! This brand is my go to brand for personalized planners, notebooks, etc. They are super quality!! The IPAD covers are to die for but it is the planners that you really need to get. One of a kind gift for the ones you love. I am going nuts putting "Dr. Corbitt" on my daughter's customized stationary! Heehee!! Get started only problem with this is not adding things for myself! Ha!

The brand is  Erin Condren, and you should check out her website! She offers a lifestyle brand that customizes and stylizes everything from life planners, acrylic trays, holiday cards, iphone cases, and more! Sign up to receive a $10 OFF coupon for your 1st purchase. Let me know what you get!

Finally....for the pricier items I like the flash sales. Here is the problem though..............tooooo much email. What is the solution? I have an email that is just for deals. I use it when I sign up for something to get a sale or coupon and I use it when I sigh up for the flash sale site. I enjoy RueLaLa because the packaging is great and the shipping is low no matter how much you buy.

It really is  the destination for limited-time Boutiques filled with brands we love at private sale prices. It's Members-only, and I'm inviting you. Last year I got customized shirts for the big guys and Beats by Dre headphones for my oldest son. Yippee.
sample of RueLaLa savings!! 

Most of us are gonna spend. I say, if you are gonna do it right! Make your list, check it twice, and save some cash in the process. Saving is sexy!! And you know that's real talk! Let's go!

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