Monday, November 25, 2013

Black Friday Shopping Tips!

Saving is sexy….going broke isn’t!

Spending my entire career in retail I have seen more than a few Black Friday's! It is the unofficial start to holiday shopping and for so many....a family ritual. (I know some folks don't like the early openings or the excessive commercialism....but for's in the blood!) What deal, what line, what many questions so little time. Contrary to some social media memes it is a day most retail folks much prep for the big show and then! Whatever deal you may seek or approach you may are 10 tips to keep it focused, fun, and most! 
Happy shopping! Saving is sexy!
  1. Make a list! What do you have to have? What brand? Stick to the list. I know this seems obvious but getting something that won’t be used because it is a good deal is really a bad deal! Grrr
  2. SAFETY 1st! Some store open in the middle of the night or while it’s dark. Watch where you park. Put your bags in trunk where they can’t be seen. Carry a purse that straps over your body with the actual purse in front. Do not put your cell phone down. BE AWARE
  3. Use the envelope system. No credit cards! (unless you are planning on an extra discount from a certain card……use cash. If you don’t bring it….you can’t spend it! So, I put the list on the outside of the envelope and the cash inside with any added coupons, giftcards, etc.
  4. Dress appropriately! Layer up! It’s cold outside but inside stores and malls full of people….it’s gonna get hot!
  5. Bring a bag with handles! Those recycle bags for groceries are great! The last thing you need is for your handle to snap and all your goodies go rolling away!
  6. Bring your ad! It’s the holidays and cashiers may be new. Doing a price check with 50 people behind you can be dangerous! If you know what I mean!
  7. Leave kids at home. This is a no brainer but I still see people dragging little ones around. Ummm…..where is the surprise? Not to mention it’s not kid friendly shopping.
  8. Pick your route and set meeting times for connecting with shopping buddies. Cell phone service is sometimes sketchy in stores so having a set time works perfect.
  9. Divide and conquer! Use your buddy system to stand in line and get the most from different deals. You can grab something for them while they wait on line, etc.
  10. Have fun………part of shopping on such a busy day is the excitement factor! Grab some Starbucks! Buy a cup for the person in line behind you! Be NICE! Smile! Try not to make a mess and remember………no deal is worth your safety! Shop fun….shop smart! 

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