Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Card Tree!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! It's my favorite time of year! And one of my favorite things is getting and sending Christmas cards. In this day and age of FB and Instagram....nothing like a good old fashioned card! My daughter and I give them awards...funniest, best photo, most bling.....and who gets the best position on the Christmas card tree! That's right! You have to have somewhere great to display all of the wonderful's like a lil bit of Christmas magic in an envelope! is my simple....almost free....but totally glam (can you tell I love it?) instructions for a Christmas Card tree of your own! Make it now so as the cards roll in you can clip and go! Woop!

OK....1st......why buy when you can pick? One bag full of pine-cones is needed for this job. Also, you will need a very heavy base container. I use this fab blown glass hurricane. Now......this thing is heavy! has a secret...... it used to be an iced tea dispenser! HA! She sprang a leak and I took her apart and turn her lil hole around back......nobody needs to know about her past!

Add your branches......Make sure a few pieces are sturdy!

OK, OK.......she is coming together. I fill it with the pine-cones but this is not a heavy sure your base can handle the branches no matter what you use as filler! OK...let's put her in her rightful home.....

OMG she looks so stinkin cute on Sally the Sassy Red Sidepiece! A few things to note....I hang a few ornaments I especially love from this tree. I also use mini glitter clothespins as my hanging device. These add some bling too! When you start getting a ton of clothespin for two cards...front and back! love it! With Sally's mirror...every card gets their chance to shine! So here she is waiting to be filled.....and here she is from last year filled up and primed for party! 
LOVE LOVE LOVE HER! now that you see how cheap and easy it is....go ahead and get started! I am running to check the mail.....gotta see if any cards are here yet! Real talk....oh, and don't be it...share it...tweet it! And if you are really loving it...leave a comment! 

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