Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fantastic under $10! Chalkprint hack!

Ok so this is gonna be quick and easy! It's a chalk print hack! I love it! It is cheap and oh so glam!

So, I am almost done decking the halls and I am thinking I still need a lil' sumthin sumthin! Y'all know I love Santa and he is all over but I needed something for remind me of the reason we celebrate. One thing about the decorations....some people do it for their guests....I do it for me! Nothing like a cup of coffee and the glimmer of Christmas lights and your house all aglow! LOVE IT! OK, so.......back to the hack!

I needed a lil something else and I wanted a chalk print. But so little time and with Christmas just 6 days away I can't really break the bank on more decor. So......check out this under $10 hack!

1st.....start with a thrift shop frame! Score! I got this huge one for $2! OMG! Yep yep! (For the has been in my garage for 2 years now but I knew it would come in handy one day) You can grab one or use a pic you currently have or....wait for it......use the school project foam core for $1.99. Cheap is key!

Sad right? lol.  OK, free chalk print or go to pintrest.......find one you like. (hint.....if you are searching for longer than 5 minutes you need help! Make a decision! Did you not see me say only 6 days til Christmas???) OK....I found one with the lyrics to Come Let Us Adore Him  which is exactly the message I want to see in the morning when I wake up!! I got mine from

Here is where you make it fab! Send this print to Staples to be printed as a architecture print! I printed it in the largest size.....3 by 4 feet! Woop! I used a coupon and picked it up in store.  Perfect because I had to get a stylus for my girl's stocking so....knocked that out of the way too!  Total for the print...$7.06

Now....I trimmed the print, pulled off the backing on the cheap frame...added a lil windex and we are rollin! 
I did not work too hard on the back because I will replace this after Christmas with a new print! It really looks like I slaved over a chalk board....heehee!
Can you say....LOVE! Here she is! 

I am thrilled with this addition to my holiday decor! Shout out to my festive co-worker Erin for printing one of these for her office door. The possibilities are endless. I have used this type of print out from Staples for 2 other projects...the key is to remember. Ok....get at it...and Merry Christmas!!


  1. That turned out nicely! Congrats!

  2. This is the perfect idea for my entry-way table. I'm looking at Valentines Day right now? Thanks Nicole!