Monday, March 10, 2014

Ebony and Ivory! The blessing that is friendship

I am one lucky girl. I am blessed with women in my life that I can count on, that want the best for me, and that I enjoy. I know it is a blessing because all around me I see examples of what it looks like when that is not the case. It is a curious thing, when relationships go wrong with women, because it starts early!! Like 7-8. All of a sudden someone thinks you think you're cute....or bossy....or...gasp! Conceited. They stop sitting next to you on the bus or at the lunch table. It is crazy because in many instances it has no is without explanation!

As adults it's just the same. You can be friends with me as long as you stay in your lane......that job.....hmmmm, you fancy now? That house....bougie. No you didn't buy that couch I was looking at......I would laugh because it's funny but I could cry because it's true!

So when I say I am blessed with women in my life that give me the fuel I need to be and do my best....I really do mean blessed. That I am thankful, grateful even, to enjoy the kind of connectedness that keeps you stable even when things around you may not be. My  bracelet of friendship has added a few links here and there but it is still the one I've worn since high school. Some links are polished more often than others but the bonds are so deep that whenever we connect the fit is just right!

Last month I took a trip to Mexico with my bestie.....the Ivory to my Ebony....the driver of this Miss Daisy. We can be an odd couple....she is a bit older...but I am the bossier of the two. She is white and I am black. She leans right and I grab her kicking and screaming left!!!

Our trip was filled with the spoils of a fantastic vacation.....perfect days....pretty people...gourmet dinners......add coffee in the morning and margaritas throughout the remainder of the day and what could be better!

But there was something else about the trip that made it fantastic. You couldn't see it....or put your finger on it...but it was in the quiet of being with a person who only wants the best for you.....there is no tab or agenda.....just...goodness.

A little over a year ago, she lost her husband of more than 30 years. It has been tough. But she has been tougher. I have watched her like a worry and bossy ways prevailing. She looks great....seems ok.....but is she really? Our week together uninterrupted gave me the answer I already knew. She will always be ok because she makes a choice to be happy! To keep it moving! This is why we get along so well.

Of the hundreds of vacation photos and dare I say...FB posts....this pic does more than sum up our Mexico experience. It speaks to me of our friendship.....she doesn't mind pushing me out front.....she will sometimes follow my lead....rusty bikes or rusty is an adventure and she always has my back!! Of all of the things I value most in life her friendship is at the top of that list. They say that friends are the family you choose......I couldn't agree more!  Appreciate life's gifts....not the material ones.....but the ones that cannot be replaced. Real talk people! Realtalk!

Diane and Nicole February 2014 

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

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