Sunday, March 16, 2014

The great Toilet Paper Caper!!!

I love to save! And I love sharing the "how-to" of saving with friends. There was never a better time to share than fall of 2011......I call it the Great Toilet Paper Caper.

I had been "couponing" as a hobby for a little while when I hit pay dirt! These kind of deals are super scarce these days but at the time this was an adrenaline raising, blood thumping, OMG moment! Take a look.....

What you can't see are the bags and boxes of the rest next to my kitchen table!! It was all FREE! And I had $54 to spend on other things. It was mind blowing!! I was so excited I had a "how to" party for my friends and as a parting gift....well.....that got the thing that everyone needs!! A bag full of toilet paper! Ha!

I gave away tons....put some in every bathroom, the laundry room, and the basement! It was everywhere!

In the time that has passed I have had several parties with 50 plus people.....illnesses of the stomach variety if you know what I mean.....4 bathrooms full and just keep rolling! Until today........

This is what the pantry looked like this morning...........
what's left from my TP haul of 2011
Panic set in. My blood pressure started going up. I mean....we are one bad order of Chinese food away from disaster!! I had to take action!! I hit Shoprite for the killer sale on paper products and armed with my coupons I am back in business! Let the germs fly....I am ready!!
For all of this.....Over $90 in product I paid $20 and I still have $10 to spend. 3 packs of TP gives me a bit of breathing room before I need to get more. No need to go nuts and fill your house with crazy items you will never need really makes sense to stock up on those....ummm.....necessities when the price is LOW so you aren't forced to pay top dollar. These savings allow me to give more to charity and well.....some women love shoes.....I get happy from a full pantry! And you know...saving is sexy! Real talk!

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