Friday, August 8, 2014

Ode to my Goddaughter......

If you know me in any capacity you probably know that I am obsessed with happy girls!! I am particularly fond of seeing brown girls that are happy because they are not commonly seen in the media.

And just to be clear....I don't think girls should walk around all Stepford wifey with fake smiles all the time. I mean....happy with one self..carefree....comfortable in your skin....confident enough to give away a smile!

I am so very fortunate to have tons of girls in many different ages and many different hues that fit this description. I view it as one of my many blessings. Topping my list tonight is my goddaughter Sydney. Tomorrow I will celebrate with her and her little friends for another big bash celebration.

But tonight.......well tonight I am tired, and covered with glitter.......and my heart is full.

In the nine years since Sydney was born my own daughter has finished her PhD, and med school and is happily performing surgery. I feel like I know a lil bit about what happy, strong girls can do.
So I take this Godmother responsibility seriously.

My daughter can tell  you of the strict, focused mom who loved and raised her. Serious, is a word I have heard her use. So different is this whole Godmother gig.....

When discussing careers in school my Sydney proudly announced that her godmother was a Bird Watcher. Subject of race a hot topic...she shares with the group that her Aunt Nicole is white. (data we have since corrected) School project? Why settle for a plain down to Aunt Nicole's and we can make it pop with a string of Christmas lights. Food....we grow it! Books....we read them, write them, make them! Meteor showers? We set the alarm and watch em. It's always an adventure!!

Birthdays and celebrations are our thing. This year.....right on cue! Outrageous invite? Check! Glitter and sparkles...check, check! Everything is in place for a wonderful time. But something is different.

This year....when I wrote my sparkly card....I was a lil choked up. She is getting bigger and more lovely each day. Soon a transformation from lil girl to tween will happen and I know she may not always be excited about a loud and crafty godmother. So, inside the  basket of special gifts I put together for her is a promise.....she can't see it but I am sure she will know: I will be right here. Ready to listen. Ready to help. Natasha can tell you that  I can be serious and firm but I'll always be ready for an adventure. Yep.....happy girls aren't just born. They're loved beyond reason, and pushed to do more, and cheered for, and worried over.....and it doesn't hurt to have someone doing all of these things that is ok with being covered in glitter! real talk.

Aunt Nicole....Can you do this. Me: Ummmm, of course I can. (Where is the bengay??)

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