Sunday, June 2, 2013

Out with the with the new!

I love when the stars align and things just come together.
Remember Sloan the buffet? She has found a new home! ( for the record......I do not find naming furniture odd in any way...and Sloan is sharp so.....) Here she is when I first spotted her:
Now, she is looking pretty junky here but the ad said "free" and if it's's for me! Woop! I sent my big guys over to grab her......gave my heartfelt thanks....and made a good dinner because even though I would travel the world for a free junky dresser my guys did not find it fun in any way. Heehee! And she is solid wood with dovetail construction. Double woop! 
Ok, so Sloan was my second project using my homemade chalkpaint recipe. You can see that process here: 

Here she is as I worked on her. I can't believe how easy the paint is to work with and how quick it dries.  $8 for paint.......what? Love it! 
Once this stage was finished I waxed her up and let her cure. And she turned out so sexy and sharp! That's why I named her Sloan. Check her out...

So, I enjoyed her for a while.......dressed her up and really made the most of her. special as she is she wasn't a fit for our style. And a certain someone let me know that.......often! Ha! the hustle and bustle of my crazy life we managed to get the pool open and ready for some summer fun. This was the 1st hot weekend and I realized......ummm....well....we threw out the chaise lounges over the winter. Rust and a small tear and someone tripping over them in the garage and they went out with the trash! Hello???? Those things were expensive and now......well.....I need some chairs. And, y'all know I am frugal. But this is a place where getting what you pay for is true and I do not want to throw chairs out in  1-2 years. What's a girl to do? CRAIGSLIST! Yep. But not for chairs. I SOLD SLOAN! O-m- double G!! I put her on and some nice lady handed over $150 for my "free for me" buffet! Holy moly macaroni! And that was all I needed to motivate me to buy new rust proof Sunbrella fabric loungers. I viewed it as a discount. Hey, whatever you have to tell yourself to get it done, right? Holla! Take a peek:

So, so long Sloan.......hello Sunbrella! Let the sunning and red cups commence! Real talk! Heehee!

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