Saturday, September 14, 2013

Don't just click LIVE! and a kick a** military care package trio!

My love for all things social media related is no secret. I am always reading, liking, blogging or tweeting!
My nature is to share and I find these outlets perfect for doing so. They do have their pitfalls though.

In many cases there is more "Media" and less "Social" and that has irked me a bit lately. After the death of a friend I felt like folks just clicked a like, jotted a "so sorry" and well....waited for the next news bite..... that a click on the like icon would save us all from disease or if you shared a pic surely you would prove that you loved God or were a supporter of whatever cause. I get it. We are all busy. But I thought...I need a "LIVE" button. LOL  I don't want to just like it...I want to live it! Experience it! Learn from it! I want to be sure that I am not posting or sharing to prove anything about my life........I am interacting with folks to enhance my life experience. So I wanted to share 2 recent activities where I did just that!!

1st up! The conquer your fear walk! If someone would have told me that a girl who is deathly afraid of heights and bridges would act as a support for someone else I would have said, get outta here! But I did!
A few posts of the beautiful scenery and a FB friend only (never met in person) wanted to conquer her fear and walk the 5 miles over the new Ocean City bridge and back. She had inspired me for months with her fitness posts, and green shake recipes, and good positive energy so I thought.....let's do it! Time, place, all details handled right on FB! We even had others chiming in. SOCIAL media at its best!

Tanya and Tara....FB Friends and beautiful ladies midway through a glorious walk ! Looking and feeling good and enjoying nature's beauty! Pic of one expanse of the bridge. Oh boy....she does look a bit intimidating!!
Next up! Care packages to Afghanistan! How does a person I have never met in person convince a cheapy (well, frugal) gal like me to spend my cash to send items to 3 people I have never seen or heard of? Easy.....start with calling me Miss Nicole! Ha! And live a life where you are not afraid to show love, and thoughtfulness, and delight for your wife and child. So inspired by Bryan Davis and his family I featured them on this very blog.....

He asked and well....I couldn't say no! Here are the details of the packages! Shipped today filled with lots of stuff and even more love! SOCIAL media and consciousness at its best! 

  • 3 different soldiers serving in Afghanistan fighting for our country
  • A medium priority box is $12.35 to a military APO address. There is no weight limit on this so STUFF it to the brim!
  •  No pork, no porn, no bulk religious items (seems like a no brainer...who sends this type of stuff? Esp to folks you don't know!
  • Include a personal note and extra things to share with someone not fortunate enough to get a package
  • Non scented items (bugs) and nothing that will melt (heat)

Whatever way you choose to engage in the never ending and ever popular maze of social media....jump in sometime and let it spark some real action in you. Go to a restaurant you see a friend check in at, write a letter or make a sign for that politician you support, make a dinner for someone you learn online is sick, get up and DO something. Scroll through your social media pages.....but JUMP into life! Live it...don't just click "like" on it! Real talk peeps! Real talk! Follow me @realtalknic

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