Sunday, February 9, 2014

PSA: 3 Days to make your Valentine's!!'s that time! If you haven't done're cutting it close! Even the pickings in the heart filled aisles are getting slim. If you have followed the blog you know I never met a project I didn't like....especially when it comes to my Goddaughters!! Those two bring out the extra me...not that I need any more!! So last year Sydney went to school with the "you got the "write" stuff valentines! So cute!! You can check them out here:

This year....well it's double trouble! That little one....Ladybug Lauryn has a class of her own! OH BOY!!

So it has to be easy and it has to be cute and well a low price wouldn't hurt!! So PINNEDIDIT again!!
Easy breezy covergirl! Take a pic....jazz it up with Picmonkey ( add a blow pop and you are done! Isn't she the cutest?
Lollipop is placed with hole punch directly above the hand!!

Now for my girl Sydney.......she is eight so it can't be "baby".......omg I am going to need therapy!!Went with some on hand stationary......a fun 8 year old artsy heart and because candy is so two years ago... heehee added a woven bracelet...and you will "knot" believe how cute! Woop! Check it out:

Since she is older she will hand write the names on the envelopes. I snuck some heart stickers in her card from me just in case....I don't know....maaaaaybe she will want to add her own decorations. heehee!

And because I do believe love is in the details.......I embellished and personalized a matching carry bag for her to take the cards to school in style! Woop! Of course I had this bag in my bag of bags (do you have one of these? LOL) and a lil love and a few stickers and I love it! Perfect match!

You still have a few days.....but not many! GET BUSY! Even if you are reading this thinking.....who has all of that time (not me....these were quick) and you just buy a pack of cards and call it a day......take some time to make it fun. This will be over soon and Valentine's Day will mean break ups and heartache or agony over what to buy and's coming. But now......glitter rules! Bows and ribbon are good things! A few stickers and you are A FRIGGIN ROCKSTAR!! That time at the table should be stress free......who cares if the writing isn't just so.....add some color....use crayons or markers.....just MAKE IT FUN!

It is Valentine's day after all.....and who do you love? The kiddies!!! I know I do.....and my Goddaughters think I am a bit extra...and love every bit of it.....and when they are older I hope that "extra" is just what keeps them talking to me when this holiday takes a turn for the .........worse!!! And they no longer bring in classroom treats and it's all just so serious.  For now..........we are ready! Real talk! Happy Heart Day!

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