Sunday, March 9, 2014

Nic's trips! Push pin office map!

The office makeover continues! I really am loving how it looks! Such a happy space! This easy project was super fast....20 minutes! Woop! And super cheap! $20! Yepper!

I wanted to have a visual of some of the places I have traveled to and I happened to have an old map in the basement that actually fit the color scheme of the office. Who knew?! I moved it up to my gift wrap bin thinking I would frame it.

I was not too keen on hanging something heavy on the wall and if I put glass over it I would be limited to marking my destinations......hmmmmm.....what to do?

Eureka!!! Installation Board! ( may remember that I am a lil obsessed with this stuff because it is BIG and it is CHEAP!)  check out some of my most pinned projects using this stuff here:

I bought the cheapest board from Lowe's for $10.75. It is supper big. I had them cut it into thirds 

right at the counter so it would fit in my car. 3' by 4' each piece! ( that's 3 big projects
 for $11 bucks! What???!!!!)  If you want it really thick you could go up to the $15 sheet but, well....that's too
 rich for my blood!
You will need a spray adhesive for foam. Now.....if you use something else you will think your  board has a 
flesh eating disease because it will start to crumble!! I used this can here and it has worked for 6 projects plus I have
a ton left!!
I used masking tape tape on the back to hold the map
in place. Made creases in the folds then lightly sprayed!

What I love about this "canvas" technique (aside from it being CHEAP!!) is that you don't need any holes to get this big baby up on the wall. Use the command stickers and you are rolling! I buy these every time I see them on sale because.......that how I roll. heehee
SO here she is all done! I need some cuter push pins but for now these are doing the trick. I really love her!

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