Saturday, January 3, 2015

1st project of 2015! Introducing Pretty Patty! My Pottery Barn Wanna Be!

I'm so excited to introduce Pretty Patty to you all! She is my 1st project of 2015 and I am in LOVE!
I'm gonna tell ya how I did it....but 1st....real quick..... let me tell you why!
More and more I found myself putting things off because they were too expensive....too much trouble....tooo all sorts of things. And when you go without small pleasures you can become a bit snarky. Snarky is not in my personality wardrobe. (I don't think)
Still....I want what I want. Solid wood, not particle board. Dovetail drawer, none of those plastic side pieces. Had to have nice lines.....and FEET! (I really think FEET make the piece....doesn't date it and makes it look....sorta, hmmmm.....SEXY! )
And well....I found all of that and of course....$1000 plus. So my one other requirement? Had to be under $100 complete! I know.....STOP. PLAYING!
So Pretty Patty like many of my other pieces came to me in another iteration. And that's why I love her. I can get close to what I want and not be worried about the price or if it gets used or broken....and I do it myself. There's some good satisfaction in that! WOOP!
Here is what I started with :
Quick text to my delivery guy (aka husband) to see if I could get a pickup and it was on!
Now for the negotiations.....will you take $75? Yep! SOLD!! WOOP!
Got her home and did my prep and inspection.....all good. Clean. Solid. On drawer pull missing. Top piece was not gonna work for me so.......get ready.....put that right on my local online yardsale. $20! Woop! SOLD in 5 minutes! So my total for the buffet is now at $55! (insert picture of me doing the running man right here!!)

I cleaned her up real good with my Clorox wipes. Did a quick sanding with my $5 sander (bought her from a junk sale) and mixed my chalk paint concoction using Valspar Antique Black. You can check out step by step of my Chalk Paint recipe here:
The paint was $15 at Lowes. I had the Plaster of Paris on hand. (you will too......this stuff lasts forever) I also bought 2 pulls for $3.16 each and 1 can of
Rustolium SprayPaint in brushed nickel for $7. 
To save money I painted the existing hardware. I actually liked the look just not the color. And the Rustolium spray paint sticks to anything! So...I cleaned them with a baking soda pasted and then scrubbed with a brillo. Dried with paper towel and sprayed twice on each side in my Spraypaint box. ( that would be any old box you have laying around! Just sounds good like you have a special box....heehee)

Two coats chalkpaint......dry overnight. 2 quick coats semi gloss poly. Add hardware and.....
wait....let me tell you the price....
So....$83.....COMPLETE! OMG.....I can't stand it! Yep.......$83 and this is Pretty Patty! She's a Pottery Barn wanna be but that's all right with me! GET IT PATTY!!!!

What y'all think? She's cute right? I need to dress her up but I must wait 2 weeks to "cure" or....dry really good so stuff doesn't stick to the top. lol
Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Go ahead and share or pin!
And....this new year...start DOING! Real talk!!


  1. I had a Saturday to relax so I went to see Annie with my daughter and 4-year-old granddaughter. You, on the other hand, went to work. And a thing of beauty it is. I am so impressed. It is beautiful.

  2. Really Nicole! This is amazing! You make it look so easy!